Facebook Comment Is Worth 4 Times More Than A Like

Thought about using comment selling? You are not the only one who is thinking about this as selling via Facebook and social media is highly popular. However have you ever thought about how your profile comes across to others? sometimes comments on Facebook are worth far more than what a like is. Read on to find out why the comments are worth more than likes.

Real Fans

How easy is it to ‘like’ a post? In truth, it takes a second to click on an icon and move on and you don’t have to read the post or even take any interest in it either. Are you putting a genuine view forward? Of course you aren’t and others know it because they do the same. However, when you take a moment to write a comment it proves you have read the post and are putting an opinion forward. In a sense, you can obtain real fans when you have comments, even if you have more likes. It’s the comments that count and not the likes. You really have to remember that when it comes to using comment sold and other tools to gain more sales. When you want to sell you can get more customers when you have good comments. Forget likes, it’s the comments that matter.

You’ve Gone The Extra Mile

Facebook comments are truly worth a lot more than a simple like. You want to know why – because it shows people have taken the time to read the post and gone the extra effort to leave an honest comment about it. yes, it might not seem all that important but it is and you are going to find it really helps in many ways. More and more people are going to find it’s the comments that work to their advantage rather than likes. You need to remember that when you’re thinking about selling goods online. Comment selling is popular so you have to think about what’s best for business.

Anyone Can Like!

You have to remember that anyone can click the ‘like’ icon without reading a post which is actually really wasteful. Those likes aren’t genuine and more and more people dismiss likes too. However, people take notice of the comments and it’s them you really want, especially when you want to gain followers. Comment sold might be a popular tool to use but people really take notice of all aspects, even comments.

Comments Are More Important

There was a time when likes were the most important aspect of Facebook was likes but for businesses and people who want to sell via social media, it’s more important to get a comment. The reason why is simply because anyone can hit the like button but leaving a comment shows people have taken the time to read and leave a response. It might not seem much now but it actually is really quite important. You really need to think about that the next time you think about forgetting comments and just getting likes. Comment selling is popular but you need to focus on your profile as a whole.

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