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How to Sell a Car on Facebook

Technological advancements have made it easier for anyone anywhere to sell just about anything. However, the internet brings its own set of challenges. A major one is figuring out the right website to sell your used goods on, especially a car. For us the answer is simple: Facebook. Our guide will help you sell and market your car on this social media giant.

Choose the Right Method

Utilize Facebook’s social media powers to promote your ad. Place an ad on a popular car selling site, such as eBay Motors, TrueCar, Craigslist, and Cars.com. Then promote them using Facebook.

Only promote the ad on social media once or twice a week. Posting about your vehicle more than a couple days a week seems like spamming, which could result in losing followers. Additionally, make posting your car ad conversational: write a post similar to how you would make a normal Facebook status– focus on why you’re selling the vehicle.

Another method is to post on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace works similar to Craigslist. You post something that you’re selling, and include the price, description, and title. You exchange more information about the product through private messaging.

Like with Craigslist, it may not be the most secure option. Facebook takes no responsibility to what transpires between you and the intended customer. Therefore, you have to be extremely cautious when dealing with buyers. A positive about the marketplace is that Facebook’s no fraud policy tries to prevent people from creating fake accounts. This makes it harder for scammers to use the site to steal from people.

The final method is Facebook Groups. Join as many selling used goods groups as you can find within your area. Also make sure they have a large number of members, at least two hundred people. Read all the rules to not get banned, and to make sure that selling your car is allowed in that community.

Additionally, use these groups to network and find a buyer.


Read Kelley Blue Book to get an estimation of what to charge for your vehicle. Also use sites like eBay Motor and local car dealerships to see how others are pricing similar cars in your area. Also read a few marketing articles for tips on using your product description to attract more potential buyers.


To save money, focus on repairing a few small problem areas. Also perform a few important additional maintenance duties: add a new coat of paint, clean the automobile’s exterior and interior, and replace tires. Save on the tire replacement by using coupons at specialty tire stores, like Tire Buyer.

If your car needs any major repairs, make sure to put that in your advertisement. Remember making repairs, even small ones, increases the car’s value. Therefore, don’t skip this step.

Take Pictures

The pictures are one of the most important steps when advertising through Facebook, because it helps market it to the right customers. Take clear pictures that show any damages, has good lighting, and shows the vehicle at all angles.

Make selling on Facebook easier by taking attractive photos, developing a good marketing strategy, and choosing the method that works best for you. For additional tips, consult Junk Car Medic’s How-To-Sell a Used Car guide.