Selling on Soldsie Review


Do you ever marvel why you are perpetually business enterprise content on social media? What is it all for, what is the larger picture? As a little business, your prime goal is to form sales. Social Media and soldsie will assist you to improve your bottom line and let me show you how!

Here’s a Soldsie review to assist you to choose if it’s right for you.

Signing Up With Soldsie

The only thanks to starting with Soldsie is by filling in their contact data type. It feels bit slightly like throwing your info into a void as a result of them don’t have several details on their web site. However, if you ne’er attempt you ne’er apprehend, right? That is what believed once I signed up. The aim of the shape is for Soldsie workers to filter UN agency would be decent suited exploitation their app.

What to Expect

Soldsie isn’t how to instantly grow your Facebook following nightlong. It’s not a moment thanks to increasing your engagement. In fact, you must have each of these things in situ before attempting Soldsie. Soldsie is just a tool for creating cash directly on Facebook and Instagram, utilizing your existing fan or follower base. Pinterest support is coming back before long.

How Soldsie Works

Soldsie has created a revolutionary manner of monetizing your social media followers. Here’s however it works: You post a photograph of the item available. Your fan (customer) merely must comment “sold” on the item. First-time consumers register by clicking a link. Dealing complete! It’s a very straightforward method for each emptor and marketer. The customer’s registration method is easy–one time solely and takes but a second.

Is Soldsie Right For You?

Before connection Soldsie, think about this: will your Facebook page have a decent following and active engagement? “Good” is subjective however your success extremely depends on however responsive your fans square measure. Your page ought to have active engagement before you even have faith in exploitation Soldsie. Your fans ought to be both: they have to comment “sold” to shop for, thus obtaining them to come back out of their shell and chat within the comments is that the key to success. What the value varies from your merchandise is additionally an element.

Soldsie advantages

There are lots a lot of to Soldsie than creating sales. You get Associate in impressive account manager UN agency checks in via phone. My manager even helps me return up with ways for creating a lot of sales. He’s thus pretty to figure with. I continuously want the Soldsie team is on my face, supporting my little business with tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years of comment commercialism. You furthermore may get free, super-extensive social media coaching. It includes books, webinars, calls, and access to special Facebook teams to raise queries and visit different Soldsie users. Of course, Soldsie conjointly incorporates a sales management tool. The dashboard is de facto slick and super straightforward to use!

Soldsie Cons

Of course, there’s no good sales tool. Here square measure some cons that I’ve found whereas exploitation Soldsie: There’s Associate in the initial learning curve for fans, and a few simply won’t “get” the conception of Soldsie. The interface may be a very little offbeat. For instance, you’ve got to manually mix shipping prices once a client does not obtain all of their invoices within the same dealing.


I use a tool known as Soldsie, and it’s been effective in serving to assist grow my business. It’s a tool that permits me to form sales directly on Facebook and Instagram. Their web site is pretty vague; it doesn’t embody rating or details regarding however it works.